MgA. Rojíková Roxana


Drawing, doodling and the need for creative expression have been a part of me since early childhood . It probably couldn't stand with me, because at the age of five my parents enrolled me in the Basic Art School in the town in central Slovakia, where I come from.

Later, I (er, already by myself) graduated in Animation at the Secondary Art School, but for the last 9+ years I have been living in the Czech Republic , where I completed my studies at the Academy of Arts as a Master of Arts (MgA.) in two fields: Illustration and graphics and Intermedia creation.

During all that time, drawing and creating new things has not stopped entertaining, delighting and fulfilling me, and I am very happy to share this more than 25-year-old passion with you and contribute to the success of your business or the beauty of your actions.

I am of the opinion that art, aesthetics and beauty should not quietly and seriously cower only behind the walls of magnificent museums and grandiose galleries, or in creative heads sitting in alternative cafes waiting in vain for their materialization. Art has always been a part of our lives. It surrounded people in ancient Greece, in ancient temples and Gothic cathedrals, in romantic or rococo dwellings, and even recently spoke to us, for example, through the charming art nouveau posters of Alfonso Mucha.

So why can't it surround us even today? Tasteless advertisements, kitschy billboards, template-like product packaging and other modern-day nuisances can (and can) be replaced by unique images full of fantasy, human stories, their thoughts and dreams. Let's together re-surround ourselves with something of greater value, something that we ourselves want to look at and that will bring us joy. And maybe gradually create a slightly more watchable world.