Advertising in the age of the Internet, re/marketing and social networks

We are surrounded by advertising today more than ever before in the history of mankind - and especially more than we would like many times. It is a fixed part of our lives, products and services offered either by us or by others to us. It is all the more difficult to invent it in such a way that it does not bother us, and what is more - that it is pleasant. To touch our emotions and lead us to say to ourselves "man, I can see myself in this". This problem can also be solved in a creative and friendly way.

What kind of advertising will you attract?

My wish is to create a beautiful and unusual advertisement for you, which you and your customers will want to look at. An advertisement that, in addition to encouraging you to buy, will also caress your soul and will not only be a "necessary evil" that makes you passionately click on ☒, but also a beauty for the eyes and a kind of small work of art of today. After all, quality advertising can be (and is) an art.


banners, flyers, business cards for an e-shop focused on cycling


banners for my e-shop with handmade products

banners for the summer season of the fashion e-shop

illustrated banners for the summer season of the fashion e-shop

Ecological project for children and youth

photographic illustration

product illustration

J & M Marmalades

sample of graphic materials for a small family business which produce handmade jams

Printing on Mixit tubes

Digital artwork in two visual versions on tubes for Mixit, which sells muesli, porridge, fruit, nuts, chocolates and other goodies.

Pattern for fabrics

endless patterns created on fabrics

Products for my e-shop

ilustrace, ze kterých vznikají různé produkty

All products such as cotton pillows, bags, tablecloths, towels or diaries, greetings, bookmarks or pictures and much more can be found here.

Booklet CocoRosie

product illustration

Luciole Naissance perfume

packaging design