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What are the options for an illustration?

Illustrations and books are two closely related and inseparable concepts. An image in a book can either represent the written words "literally" and leave little room for imagination, or, on the contrary, support the text with certain hints and stir up the reader's imagination with dreamy images that will guide him through the wonders of endless worlds.

What can I create for you?

I can draw illustrations for your book and its cover, for a magazine, article, blog, text ... as well as create an overall visual of your written project.

Children's book "O statečném Tobiášovi" (About the brave Tobias) - Petra Jánská, 2022, Publishers Fragment

Complete illustrations of the children's book About the brave Tobias by the czech writer Petra Janska. For the book I drew the cover, front cover and 25 illustrations inside. This is a classic fairy tale, where the main character Tobias experiences various adventures in search of a lost princess. The reader always decides how the story will continue at the end of the chapter and thus becomes the creator himself.

Children's book "Spadli z jahody" (They fell from a strawberry) - Dana Hlavata, 2021, Publishers Perfekt

Complete illustrations of the children's book Spadli z jahody by the well-known Slovak writer Dana Hlavata. For the book I drew the cover, front cover and more than 20 illustrations inside. It is the story of twins Janka and Janko Jahoda (Strawberry) who find themselves in a magical landscape where they experience incredible stories. Not always funny, but they often learn a lot and become better children too.

The Book Cornelians

Texts which were originally written by a little girl, transformed into an illustrated book. The work observes what is going on in the child's mind, how children think, and how they combine words into sentences resembling poems at an age when they barely learn how to capture them in writing. It is an honest, clear verbal expression, uncensored, accompanied by the visual expression of my imagination.

The Book Golden Deer

A metaphorical depiction of the original old Slavic myth of divinity, which takes the form of the former rulers of forests - the Golden Deer and Devas. The Devas represent the forces, temptations and desires that attract people, who are meant to resist them, otherwise they lose their acquired knowledge. This myth has been preserved in our territory to this day in the form of a children´s fairy tale about Smolíček and the Deer.

Mix of different illustrations

The Book Black On White

The work is based on words which for me represented home. I then showed these words to several people who also represent home for me (my family, friends and loved ones, aged 6 to 81). They wrote expressions which they associate with each of the presented words, and on the basis of these expressions the whole book was created. The work is a kind of story about how a person perceives home from childhood, through adolescence, early to late adulthood, right until the age of being old, which comes out very clear from the expressions these people used.

The Book The Village Pig Slaughter (by Jiří Záček)


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