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Illustrations For Products

Why draw something on products?

Some like it plain, some interesting and unusual. This applies to products as well. Whether it's a piece of clothing or an everyday item, everything can be made special by a tasteful drawing that puts a smile on your face and makes your day a bit better. For example a funny mug from which you sip your morning coffee!

What can be decorated?

Typically, it is textiles from which it is then possible to make all kinds of items, such as T-shirts, socks, underwear, pyjamas, pillow cases, blankets, bags, children's clothing etc. Naturally, it is also possible to decorate products of everyday need, such as mugs, cell phone covers, note books, calendars, or a wrapping paper... I can even design original wallpaper that will turn your wall into a work of art!

Do you have your own idea?

Do you have a design idea in your head that needs to get out? Let's bring it to life together! Are you looking for a unique gift for your employees or do you and your colleagues want to make your boss happy? I will create an original illustration for you that captures your wishes, the spirit of the company, a family member, a school class, a group of friends… Nothing is impossible!

Illustration for the e-shop

Digital illustration in the form of a flower wreath for the e-shop within the "Musical romance collection", which was used on products such as mugs, T-shirts or bags.

Printing on Mixit tubes

Digital artwork in two visual versions on tubes for Mixit, which sells muesli, porridge, fruit, nuts, chocolates and other goodies.

Labels for jams J & M

Sample of graphic materials for a small family business which produce handmade jams.

Nymph Wine label and wine bottle tube

Wine as a magical beverage which can bring us, at least to a small extent, to the etheric world of the senses. Graphic design of the label and the wine bottle tube and their physical realization.


Music album Grey Oceans by the group CocoRosie. Songs with atypical lyrics and even more atypical musical processing create the impression of a special world, which I tried to capture in the illustrations.

Luciole Naissance perfume

Perfume as a subtle and unique expression of ourselves and the endless layers of personalities within us.

Pattern for fabrics


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