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Advertising in the age of the Internet, re/marketing and social networking

We are more surrounded by advertising today, than ever before in the history of mankind. Perhaps often even more than we would like. Advertising became an integral part of our lives and of products and services, that are offered to us, or that we offer to others. It is all the more difficult to come up with a way which wouldn´t bother the customer, and even more so - that would be pleasant. A way that would touch our emotions and make us say, "Wow, I actually identify with that." Even this problem can be solved in a creative and sympathetic way.

What kind of advertising will catch the eye of a customer?

My wish is to create a beautiful and unusual advertisement for you, which you and your customers will want to look at. An advertisement that, in addition to encouraging the purchase, pleases the soul and is not just a "necessary evil", for which you automatically click on x. It should be a feast for the eyes and become a small work of art of the present. After all, quality advertising can be (and is) art!

Banners for fashion e-shop /

Banners for fashion e-shop /

Banners for e-shop

Christmas ZERO WASTE video for

ZERO WASTE is a lifestyle that supports life without waste and its storage. The main philosophy of this concept is to make the most of all resources (even by reusing them). As, we appreciate this life style very much, and we decided to share a few tips on how to implement it in your everyday life.

Ecological project for young people

Promotional material for a project dedicated to children, which was about nature protection and the ecological way of life. The project was accompanied by illustrations for children, created by me, through which a story of a fairy who lived in a forest was told. This ensured better understanding and better processing of the complex issue of ecology by the youngest.

Drawings for puppet theatre

Illustrations for the website "1948"


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