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What topics interest me?

In my uncommissioned work I mostly concentrate on conceptual art and socio-psychological topics such as examining the relationship between Self vs. Others and Others vs. Self. I love working and communicating with people, I like to explore their unique worlds and study their reactions and attitudes.

By which means do I express myself?

I like to use all my acquired knowledge and skills and combine them. The books thus become sculptural conceptual objects or objects of social research. Animations then evolve into psychological documentary works and images capturing a specific thought, being put in motion. My favourite means of expression include especially objects, books and audio-visual works.

The Book/Object "The Power of Identity"

Three books form one. The work was created in collaboration with 40 people who commented on the question of their own, as well as mine (ie other persons) identity through visual and verbal expression; through one word or sentence.

The fancy-looking book "They", is made of white leather and gold, and contains expressions of people about themselves, each subconsciously trying to capture the best, the "luxury" we carry within us.

The book "They Me" is about respondents' statements about me. It consists of the “hardcover” made out of porcelain, which is both strong but fragile at the same time, and of sheets made of fine Japanese paper with white ink illustrations and letters. Almost invisible drawings and writing – because we can never know how much and what out of what others tell us about ourselves, is true. These relationships are strong, but breakable.

The book "Me They" is made entirely of cloth and contains my statements about others. I believe we somehow "baptize" each person in our life. This thought is vested into the way the titles, the actual names of people and the silver drawings in this books, are made. The book evokes the feeling of a cosy, safe place, which our loved represent for us.

The books, touching each other, form a circle - one object. Are we what others consider us to be, or what we see in others? We have as many identities as many people we ask about ourselves. And they are what they consider themselves to be, as well as what we consider them to be, as well as how they see themselves in others. The intertwining of identities is endless and indivisible.

Conceptual books "Purification" and "48"

The Book of Purification

I assigned a text composed of 11 genre-diverse books to approximately 50 people aged 10 to 78. The people were of different nationalities, genders and levels of education. Their task was to remove words or sentences which are unpleasant to them from the text (words, which they do not like or which evoke any negative emotions in them). The result is a book/object in which, every page that was authentic in the beginning, becomes completely different due to the purification by individual people. Each page portrays a black and white image of their world. This demonstrates that in reality there are no good or bad things, black and white, but only phenomena which each of brings to life with our approach.

The Book 48

In this case, the text was created from a combination of a pragmatic and informative description of the events of 1948 and a story of an old woman, who at that time was a 9-year-old girl. The contrast of history from the textbook and history as someone’s own past (someone´s childhood and everyday life that the woman lived, and that wasn´t recorded anywhere except in her own memory).

The Book/Object Not Found

The object consists of two mirrors facing each other and transparent pages between them, evoking a book. It depicts "SEARCHING", the mainstay of everyone’s live. We are all looking for something, but in a different way. The goal was to create a kind of mirror of the soul, which would reflect each of us.

If we were to use the cliché "Book of life", at birth we would look in the mirror and see ourselves. At the moment of death we would see ourselves again. But we do not know which of these boards is the beginning and which the end, the boundaries are only imaginary, not real. And between them is everything. Life and its various situations, emotions and experiences.

The individual pages show abstract illustrations of feelings that we all experience during our lives, but each of us in different situations. It shows that we are all basically the same inside. The illustrations intertwine through each other and we do not know which is which – similarly as in life, emotions mix in us and cannot be separated. They also reflect in the mirrors to infinity and create a kind of infinite inner absolute.

This object has as many forms as many people look at it, because everyone has their own vision, everyone looks at it and sees only their reflection, their feelings, themselves. And so, in a way, it contains absolutely everyone.

The object is accompanied by a book, which contains in addition to illustrations also texts; a collection of various ideas that have been running through my head for a year. When I read these texts out loud, abstract scenes appeared in my mind, which eventually led to the creation of the illustrations.


Figural drawing and painting


A whole composed of two individual opposite elements, or two individual counterparts growing into mutual continuity?

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