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Why is illustration so important for a website?

Remembering the appearance of a website in today's times is quite a challenge, isn´t it? There are many reasons for that, but most importantly it is their lack of imaginativeness, their austerity and resemblance to others. In a nutshell, today’s websites look all very similar and a unique illustration is the perfect way to stand out.

The first impression sells

I am sure that you already know very well that creating a good first impression and engraving oneself in a positive way into the customer's memory is the first step towards success. Therefore, I will be happy to help you create a visual that will tell your story in an original, tasteful and memorable way.

What can I create for you?

Illustrations for homepage, subpages, categories, products, events... The illustrations shall be exactly according to your ideas so that the customer remembers you and always likes to return to you.

Graphic design of the website

Complete graphic design for the website (homepage, banners, product list, product detail, basket, articles, brands and many other subpages).

Graphic design of the website

Complete graphic design for the website (homepage, banners, product list, product detail, basket, service, brands and many other subpages).

Full-page illustration for the introductory page of the website

Realistic digital illustration in large format for the AVYX website with professional film and photography equipment.

Graphic design of the website

Complete graphic design for the website (homepage designs, price list, subpages, illustrations within the website, etc.).

What websites have we programmed?

We are a family-owned company

We focus on e-commerce customers who want to grow.

Our new customers usually already run an e-shop, on open-source or their own legacy system, but they are aware of the limitations of their existing solution. We can really custom program everything you need, invent new features, analyze needs, support expansion abroad, connect online with your accounting, warehouse, POS systems, provide 24/7 support and consultation.

We will prepare your e-shop for further growth, from tens or hundreds of orders per day to thousands per day.

International domains for ZOOT

ZOOT is the most famous fashion brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It has chosen our platform for its foreign expansion into Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Slovenia. In just 3 months, we programmed and delivered a fully functional turnkey e-commerce solution, including integration to ZOOT's proprietary warehouse system in Říčany near Prague.

DIFFERENT ❤ started as a Czech e-shop on the free PrestaShop with a turnover of CZK 10 million. After three years with us, this family-owned company supplies fashion products to all European countries and operates an e-shop on 10 domains in 10 languages. Turnover exceeded 100 million CZK excluding VAT and around 1000 orders are processed daily. /

Selling mobile phones is not easy, and not just because of the huge competition. Imagine thousands of mobile phone models, tens of thousands of accessories for them, intermixed and sometimes incompatible, 11 of your own stores and warehouses, add to that over 30 different B2B suppliers with automatic updates of their stock and prices and make it work. This is what we did for F-Mobile.


Five years ago we started designing the first custom e-shop for our customer LipDistribution s.r.o.

The customer was so happy with our work that to date we operate 20 domains in five different languages and currencies, delivering to 30 different countries in Europe.

In addition to a custom-programmed connection to the InfoOffice accounting and warehouse system, a connection to 10 brick-and-mortar stores is also present. The e-shop works with more than 150,000 active stock cards.

E-shops Templestore, Megaskate, eCloset and Swis-shop previously used separate e-shops from different developers. Bringing all 20 domains and services under our common "megaplatform" and unified administration made everything significantly cheaper and allowed us to offer new services, loyalty programs, turnover discounts, giveaways and other features. / /

We started cooperation with Syntex Praha s.r.o. a few years ago with the development of the Czech e-shop

Thanks to the great satisfaction with our solution, we subsequently programmed a solution for, which meant, among other things, adding support for two different trading companies (in the Czech Republic and Slovakia), two different accounting systems Money S4 (CZ) and Stormware Pohoda (SK), different price lists, translations, presentations, while in the background there is still one common e-shop platform and merged warehouses.

Subsequently, the Hungarian, German and English variants were added to and .sk.

Krmení.cz / /

Transporting, storing and delivering ten-kilogram bags of food for dogs and cats is not easy logistically, but if the client is strategically located in the Podkrkonoší region, i.e. still in the Czech Republic, but at the same time close to the Slovak and Polish borders, he can easily serve three countries simultaneously.

We programmed a new Czech e-shop for Krmení.cz, and then expanded it with retail e-shops for Slovakia and Poland, and then added a B2B shop for the Czech Republic and Poland.

Do you want to upgrade your e-commerce solution?

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